New 4’’ 720 x 720 TFT module 

New 4’’ 720 x 720 TFT module



Display Spec.

LCD type

4.0 inch

Resolution (H*V)


Technology Type

a-Si TFT

Pixel Configuration

R.G.B. Vertical Stripe

Display Mode

Normally Black

Viewing Direction


Gray Scale Inversion Direction

Mechanical Characteristics

OutlineDimensions (W x H x T) (mm)


Active Area(mm)


CTP View Area(mm)


With /Without Touch screen

With CTP

Connector Type


Backlight Type


Weight (g)


Electrical Characteristics

Display Interface


Touch Interface


Number of color


Display Driver IC


Touch Driver IC


Visionox Flexible AMOLED Technology

“The global first arbitrary folded flexible screen full module” product of Visionox has an inner bending radius of 3mm and an outer bending radius of 5mm, and the bending number is more than 100,000 times. “It is a milestone in the application innovation of the terminal industry.” Industry experts appraise that “the global first arbitrary folded flexible screen full module” represents the global leading level of flexible display technology.

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New from Yeebo Displays Ltd – Monochrome Displays with In Cell Capacitive Touch.

In addition to Yeebo’s Monochrome LCD stable including TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN, ASTN, ISTN and VA technologies, we are now able to offer In-Cell Capacitive touch panels.
* Greater sensitivity
* Positive and Negative Mode available
* High contrast especially with VA Technology
 *No cover lens is required hence no need for optical bonding
 *Display manufactured on our highly automated larger substrate production line
 *This provides highest repeatable quality and advantageous pricing
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We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest Flexible, Curved + Infinity AMOLED. 

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest Flexible, Curved + Infinity AMOLED.
The infinity-display phone refers to a product with the screen-to-body ratio of more than 90%, approaching 100%, so that, in the case of the same overall size, it can bring larger screen display experience and achieve better visual effects.

Product characteristics:
Streamlined bezel, rounded and comfortable.

Provides consideration to appearance and practicability; its hyperboloid screen edge is very rounded, with more comfortable hand sensation.