Our latest 15.6” TFT module with CTP specification.

From Good to Great !

Please see our latest 15.6” TFT module with CTP specification.


This includes standard edP TFT interface, USB CTP firmware update for easier Windows application, optical bonding and enhanced luminance.

We can now also offer from Yeebo several different interface options incl LVDS, HDMI etc – more news shortly.

Luminance typ 900 – cd/m² minimum 50,000 hours
Contrast 1000:1

Resized bar type TFT module

Roadmap of Bar Type TFT

Bar Type TFT

Bar type TFT is a good solution to apply for industrial devices, audio system, security equipment, home appliances and medical equipment.

Capacitive touch panel is an option for use on bar type TFT.

Bar type TFT design is based on redesigned TFT technology which provides a good option for custom made TFT panels compared to using traditional customized TFT panel design.

Lower Tooling Cost Lower MOQ

Yeebo has over 30 years experience of back-end process for display products, which enables us to succeed in upgrading our facilities for the cutting and sealing process for TFT panel products.

Introducing Yeebo’s new, world class 4.3” IPS TFT module with PCT

Introducing Yeebo’s new, world class 4.3” IPS TFT module with PCT YB-TG480272C52A-C-A


480 x 272 resolution

IPS – High contrast, 80 degree all around viewing

830 NITs minimum luminance with touch

50,000 hours minimum back light lifetime

Industrial / Medical temperature range

RGB TFT interface I2C touch interface

Standard or customised FPC and CTP

Optical bonding on request

Highly competitive pricing

Also available without touch

Order samples now !

Applications industrial / medical / epos / communications


During the past 15 years, Crystal-Tech Electronics has grown to become a major display solution provider and a market leader in display technology.


As one of the UK’s specialist suppliers of displays and capacitive touch panels, Crystal-Tech Electronics focus on both, distribution and Yeebo Display Ltd.’s only official representative.


The Company realizes proprietary products, OEM, Custom and value-added solutions to a variety of markets.


Specialized display, touch panel combined with extensive bonding expertise (OCA lamination and air gap) solutions making Crystal-Tech Electronics your ideal partner.


Crystal-Tech has a global business and is continuing to expand its network to major markets, Europe, Asia and North America.


At Southern Manufacturing 19 we will showcase Yeebo’s range of high brightness IPS TFT modules complete with capacitive touch panels.


1.3” to 15.6” which all can be readily customised to suit consumer, medical and industrial products.



Yeebo can now offer a 10.1” TFT module, IPS, with or without CTP. (CL up to 6mm thick)

Yeebo can now offer a 10.1” TFT module, IPS, with or without CTP. (CL up to 6mm thick)

Back light minimum life time 50K hours and luminosity 800  NITs (Can be increased to 1000 NITs).

“Come buy me pricing” …

Please let me know if you have any enquiry.

Next in pipe-line  Yeebo 11.6”, 13.3”, 15.6”



Crystal-Tech announces a NEW 3.5” QVGA IPS TFT module, 320 (RGB) x 240 dots, 350 nits luminance, 80/80/80/80 viewing angles

Most 3.5” QVGA landscape TFT’s are either TN with poor viewing angles and inversion at obtuse angles or interfered with using various enhancement films.

Colin Saunders stated that this IPS model is amongst the best he had seen and a true upgrade for replacing older TN models without increasing pixel count.

Colour saturation is widely improved and superior luminance.

Standard and custom CTP solutions are also available.


New from Yeebo 15.6” IPS TFT Module


 Panel Size: 15.6 inch diagonal

 Number of Pixels /Resolution: 1920×RGB×1080
 Interface: eDP
 RoHS and Halogen-Free Compliance
 Applications: Multimedia application and other hand application

General Information




page4image3681456 page4image2937232


page4image3682704 page4image3683120


Dot Matrix




Dot Pitch

0.17925(W)×0.17925 (H)

page4image3686240 page4image3686656



Active Area




Module Size


page4image3692064 page4image3692480



Viewing Angle


page4image3694976 page4image3695392




500 NITs

page4image1682272 page4image1696208



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