Our latest 15.6” TFT module with CTP specification.

From Good to Great !

Please see our latest 15.6” TFT module with CTP specification.


This includes standard edP TFT interface, USB CTP firmware update for easier Windows application, optical bonding and enhanced luminance.

We can now also offer from Yeebo several different interface options incl LVDS, HDMI etc – more news shortly.

Luminance typ 900 – cd/m² minimum 50,000 hours
Contrast 1000:1

Resized bar type TFT module

Roadmap of Bar Type TFT

Bar Type TFT

Bar type TFT is a good solution to apply for industrial devices, audio system, security equipment, home appliances and medical equipment.

Capacitive touch panel is an option for use on bar type TFT.

Bar type TFT design is based on redesigned TFT technology which provides a good option for custom made TFT panels compared to using traditional customized TFT panel design.

Lower Tooling Cost Lower MOQ

Yeebo has over 30 years experience of back-end process for display products, which enables us to succeed in upgrading our facilities for the cutting and sealing process for TFT panel products.