Yeebo adds visual impact with Piano Black TFT displays

Designing the user interface of today’s applications is getting more refined thanks to Yeebo’s expertise in TFT module design and market applications. With vertically integrated cover lens and touch panel manufacturing, and a highly automated TFT facility, Yeebo is the natural partner for developing display solutions that push the limits of visual interface design on aesthetic, performance and functionality.

One component attracting growing interest in recent TFT designs is the cover lens. Not only does a well-crafted cover lens protect the screen from mechanical impact and weather conditions, but it also contributes to the overall visual appeal of the final product. Choosing the best cover lens no longer stops at its basic features – material, shape and décor options. New requirements demand that the TFT visible area is purely dark when the screen is inactive, blending display and cover lens with no visual distinction.

Yeebo is at the forefront of cover lens designs with a technology developed by combining low-transflective glass and an engineered optical bonding adhesive. By controlling light transmittance within the stack, the cover lens system completely conceals the TFT when inactive, creating a distinctive Piano Black look.

With this unique feature, companies eager to differentiate the aesthetic of their products, whether it’s a smart health monitor, pro audio equipment or home automation system, can now ensure they stand out from the competition.

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IPS TFT Modules from Yeebo

Manufactured on robotic production lines in a highly automated facility in Jiangmen (China), Yeebo IPS TFT displays are instantly recognised as top-quality products and competitive in price.

The full range, available with multi-touch options at no added NRE charge, focuses on providing B2B customers with superior image quality, slim package and outstanding reliability in any chosen size from 1.3” to 10.1”.

Unlike traditional TFT, Yeebo IPS displays boast up to 1000:1 contrast ratio, up to 700 cd/m² luminance, all-round viewing and rich colour saturation to finely reproduce eye-catching information under any lighting condition. Designers involved in crafting next-generation devices in healthcare, industrial and consumer electronics, smart city and transportation applications will benefit from this portfolio of power-efficient and highly performing TFTs, whose driver ICs incorporate digital gamma correction and clever driving circuitry. For designs featuring upgradable display sizes, the common signal interface available on Yeebo IPS 3.9”, 4.3” and 5.0” flexibly supports resolutions rising from 428×128 letterbox aspect ratio to 480×272 (16:9) and 800×480 (5:3) respectively.

Equally, marketing and product development teams will enjoy the versatility that Yeebo IPS displays offer: pixel resolutions from 240×240 to 1280×800, portrait or landscape mounting, and a choice of signal interfaces – SPI, MPU, RGB, LVDS and MIPI – to support low-cost microcontrollers and up to feature-rich ARM processors.

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A full range of IPS TFTs from Yeebo